Best Laptops for MBA Students

Even though our smartphones have everything in it, we can deal with it as well as do study as well. But no matter how much our phones do for us and no matter how big the screen gets, we get tired of working on a small screen. And that is why laptops are the need of time. 

Who would have thought that an ear would come and students would have to study from home! Students who are in lower grade have no problem doing this but students who are in higher grade, like MBA students, need a laptop that has it all.

Laptops nowadays are demanded to have large screens but they should also fit into our backpacks. Sounds impossible! But the giants of laptop manufacturers have made it possible. Finding a laptop with certain features, specs and elements can be difficult and that is why we took the authority of finding the best laptops for MBA students. Below you will be learning about the best laptops for MBA students, their goods, and the downs.


You can find HP fans all around the world as their laptops never fail to impress and that is why HP Stream is the best laptop for MBA students. It includes an Office 365 Personal for the whole year so that students can study and make their assignments and presentations without having to worry about paying for the Office. 

The screen is just fine for any MBA student, it is small and can be easily carried in a backpack, now you don’t have to spend money on getting a laptop bag. It has an Intel Celeron processor, which means after you are done with your work, you can binge hours of shows. It comes in white diamond and dove silver color.

  • It gives 13 hours of battery
  • It is very much portable
  • The graphics are not impressive
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If Samsung can make cool and amazing phones then they have to make some of the most baffling laptops. And yes, they have! We loved this one because it has a QLED display. If you are about to make crisp, colorful and bright presentations then this is the laptop you will need. 

Install as many software, books, movies and documentaries as you want, because you will almost never be worrying about space because it has 512 GB memory with a formidable 10th Gen intel core i7 processor.

It is the laptop of the future because it has the feature of Wireless PowerShare which means that the trackpad can actually charge your wireless devices!

  • It has an amazing sound (sound is by AKG)
  • The keyboard has backlit, now you can work easily in the dark
  • The battery drains very fast
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3. HP PAVILION X360 2-IN-1 11.6

Another laptop from HP but this one may have the same screen size but there is something special about this screen. The screen has the feature of 360 degrees fold back and you can use that as a tablet and that is why it is called the 2 in 1 laptop. It is made up of steel that makes it totally durable and it can take a hit as well. 

Other than MBA students, this one is also best for graphic designers who need more screens and less the rest of the laptop. Since it is a touchscreen, graphic designers can also get a stylus and make more detailed designs. You can read books online but unlike others, you will never get tired because it has an IPS WLED backlit display which is soft for the night readers.

  • It is very light weighted which makes it portable
  • High performance
  • Touchscreen becomes faulty soon
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If you are a fan of flip laptops and you are looking for a cheaper one then this is the laptop you have been looking for. This is another 360 degrees flip hinges laptop with the most high performance. It has much memory for you to install as many books, notes, software, movies and much more. It has a sleek design, as thin as 1 inch with a durable frame making you work online and offline without worrying about anything.

It has its own antivirus protection by Lenovo which is free for life. It has the Bluetooth 4.2 version, now you can transfer your last-minute assignments in seconds. This laptop will exceed your expectations as this laptop comes with a 720 pixels webcam and two speakers for you to attend your online classes attentively and not miss a thing.

  • It is not expensive as compared to what features are being offered.
  • It has 10 points touch screen IPS display.
  • The display or you can say colors (other than touchscreen) are not so amazing as other features are.
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What is better than a flip laptop with a high resolution display! This is all what MBA students wish for, a cool laptop with some splendid colors. It has multi touch support, meaning to say you can do more than just make assignments and presentations. Being an MBA student does not mean that privacy is just a thing, most of the projects are hard worked on and that is why for your ultimate security needs, it has a fingerprint reader. 

No time to waste on connecting with the Wi-Fi again and again because this laptop has Gigabit Wi-Fi 5 which can even catch signals if the router is on the ground floor and you are on the first floor. Its sleek and slim design will make you carry in anywhere.

  • It is durable as it has metal casing.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • The keys of the keyboard are hard and it lacks a numeric pad.
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High performance laptop with a lot of memory! It’s a jackpot and the best part is that it is cheap as compared to all the laptops in the list and more to come below. If you are a bright student who likes to make long and detailed assignments then this laptop will help you get through those days because of its super soft keys. It may seem like an ordinary keyboard but it will be soft on your fingers.

It is totally ergonomic because your palms and wrists will never get tired as there is a lot of space to put them on the laptop while comfortably using the keyboard. It may be thick but somehow it still weighs less.

  • It never glitches or gets slow.
  • It charges fast.
  • Webcam is not that good.
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This laptop truly aspires because it is portable and powerful at the same time which you don’t find both of these features in a single laptop. With its processors, you can compute any kind of task within seconds and do multitasking without having to worry about glitches and it slowing down. Its thin bezel will allow you to work for hours without getting tired.

It includes an Alexa, whenever you are not feeling to do a random research, let Alexa do it for you. Don’t worry about sound settings because it has TrueHarmony speakers which give a good bass and a better volume. It comes with a numeric pad which clearly means that this laptop is wide.

  • Keyboard backlit will make working nights easy for you to carry on.
  • It has Dropbox and OneDrive for you to save your work at any time and retrieve anywhere.
  • It is heavy.
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Since you are attending online classes nowadays, we reckon that you need a laptop that has monster speakers! Say no more, because this one will make you turn down the volume because these speakers are tuned by B&O sound experts. This laptop will allow you to keep working for hours because of its low halogen mercury free display backlights which makes it environmentally friendly as well.

You can work on any project with its multi touch touchpad and its sleek design will make sure that you carry your work anywhere you want. With only 30 minutes of charging, you can work for 13 hours straight (depending upon usage).

  • Amazing battery time.
  • It comes in two types of colors; ceramic white and mineral silver.
  • Low storage.
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9. HP 14-FQ0032MS Laptop for Business and Student

Every MBA student has a dream to become a business person and that is why to get them started at early stages, students need to explore and unlimited exploration can be done with the best laptop and this one is one of a kind as it is best for business people and students as well. 

You will be working and studying at the same time due to its dual processors with the processing speed up to 2.6 GHz and 3.2 GHz. The 14” bezel screen lets you focus on the minute details and the best part is that it is a touchscreen with up to 10 fingers multitouch support. We love this laptop more than any other because it has the feature of switching between Windows 10 Home to S mode. All you have to do is open Settings, go to Update and Security, go to Activation, go to Switch to Windows 10 Home, go to Go to the Store and select the Get button and you are done and all this is free of charge.

  • It has an amazing rich micro-edge HD SVA display.
  • It charges fast.
  • While opening too many tabs on the browser and using too much software at the same time, it sometimes glitches.
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Memory and space are never enough for an MBA student and that is why we picked up this laptop as the best in memory and space. It comes with a good built-in storage and for offline access there is an additional 100 GB Google Drive ready for your use and the best part is that your files will be backed up automatically.

People think that Chromebooks will limit their work but this is where they are wrong, it comes with Play Store, so you can use and download any app you want and above all, all of these will be protected by a built-in antivirus.

  • It is a durable laptop since it has a thick casing.
  • It has an anti-glare display.
  • The keyboard is not that competitive.
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Things to See When Buying a Laptop for MBA Students?Following are the things to see when buying the best laptop for MBA students:

  • Processor: a laptop should either have dual processors or the single processor should be fast enough for multitasking and it should not lag while doing so.
  • Battery Life: MBA students have to study like heck and that is why fast charging with long lasting battery is the second more prioritized thing.
  • Cost: the cheaper the better, but sometimes, too much cheap cannot get you all the features you are looking for. Invest once and get a laptop that will keep you hooked within for 3 to 4 years at least.
  • Graphics: graphic is not the main requirement of an MBA student, but there are some students who like to edit videos for their documentations and add graphics in their presentations and assignments. You can look for a decent graphic card laptop.
  • Hard Disk: laptops nowadays come between 64GB to 1TB, it all depends upon how much space you are looking for.
  • Weight: heavy laptops can be a pain and for students it is best that they look for a lightweight laptop.
  • Screen Size: you will not get tired on a large screen and if you don’t have a lot of work on your plate, then you can opt for a small screen laptop.
  • Design: it is obvious that a thin and sleek design is in demand nowadays.
  • Brand: any brand can be good depending upon the specs and features you are looking for.


Q: Which laptop is best for MBA students?

Ans: mostly MBA students opt from the brands of HP, Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer and Dell.

Q: Is MacBook good for MBA students?

Ans: Yes, it is good in performance and portability but most students cannot afford it as it is very expensive.

Q: Does an MBA require a laptop?

Ans: Yes, it does because you will be giving presentations and making huge assignments which cannot be done why writing it. 

Final Ruling

All the above laptops will work just fine for any MBA student, if you ignore the downsides of these laptops, you will see that the price of the laptop and the features of the laptop are considered best for MBA students.Students are tight on a budget and yet they want the best thing, out of all the things, you can say that these are the best laptops for MBA students. Let us know which one worked out best for you.

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