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The bone of contention between Dell XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 3 is heated. No doubt both the laptops have their unique specification which makes them stand out from other laptops. We have seen fierce competition between Surface Laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13 which has led them to challenge one another for dominance. They are indeed excellent laptops due to their high power and consistent performance. However, one may be superior to the other for a specific user.

There are many decent laptops out there however the XPS 13 and the Surface Laptop 3 are often at the edge in terms of the overall package. In the market both the laptops are among the finest laptops, Microsoft surface being a great option in terms of saving money while choosing a generally lower-priced laptop with reliable and efficient quality and performance.  On the alternative, the Dell XPS 13 is the undoubtedly wiser choice if you want top-tier quality as it has more functionalities like excellent ports and a good display. However, for those searching for a more reasonably priced laptop, the Surface Laptop is a safer investment. Having said that, the Dell XPS 13 has some improved performance.

To decide between them we need to have a detailed overview of the specifications by having a deep analysis to form a judgment by the type of usage we require. Let’s have a look:

Surface laptop 3.

Design of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

The Surface Laptop and Dell XPS 13 both include reasonably sized precise touchpads. Both laptops have big Microsoft Precision touchpads, the Surface Laptop 3’s is 20% wider which sustains the entire range of Windows 10 Home. Surface Laptop 3, like many Microsoft designs, has a touch screen that enables the users to draw on the screen with a surface pen. Likewise, XPS13 has a non-touch and touch display. The Dell XPS 13 displays cannot be used with pens, but they do keep up with the basic touch with your finger.

In terms of display, the XPS 13 is lightweight, tinier, and offers Full HD resolution options. The keyboard keys have a distance of 1.3 mm and are fairly gentle to type on. It is, therefore, a great model for customers who spend more time on the keyboard. The buttons on the keypad have a 3-stage backlit, which is available on all laptop models.  Like its predecessor, the XPS 13 laptop has a snappy keyboard, concise process, and adequate travel. The XPS 13 keyboard is more challenging to use than the Surface model. The Surface Laptop 3 is an improved version of the predecessor model. It now has crafted keys, a 19mm pitch between the keys, and travels of 13 mm.  If you are continuing to work for an extended duration, the Surface keyboard is preferable.

The Surface Laptop 3 is almost the same as its predecessor in terms of size, it has wider bezels encompassing the 13.5-inch 3:2 display though with slight adjustments. The XPS 13 feels the same from the outside which is alright because there’s not much to enhance. It’s a stylish laptop with its signature of tiny bezels and small chassis built around for a 14-inch display.

Based on these specifications, the Surface 3 laptop and the XPS 13 are undeniably versatile and stylish laptops with a competitive advantage. They are among one of the best options in the market.

Performance of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

The notion that both laptops have terrific processors makes it tough to decide which one to choose.

Dell is prompt to activate the XPS 13 with the most recent Intel chips, giving the new model an edge. It includes the most recent 11th-generation Tiger Lake processors, with the Intel Core i5-1135G7. These chips provide faster speeds as well as the latest Xe integrated GPU for enhanced graphics, creating a worthwhile modification. On the other hand, the Surface Laptop 3 is powered by an ‎Intel Core i5 processor. The Intel processor accelerates the execution of legacy programmes by increasing IPC. Furthermore, the processor employs the most recent Iris-Plus integrated graphics, which enhances actual performance. Because of the device’s power, the laptop will be suitable for detailed tasks.

Display of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

Both laptops have screens that are at or above 1080p, which is a great starting point because that is a core element. However, there are two models of the Dell XPS 13. The 1080p model is suitable, and for the value, Dell charges for these laptops, it is genuinely quite poor. The Surface’s display outperforms the 1080p edition, measuring 2256 x 1504 and exceeding 1440p.

The display is vibrant and sharp. The Surface Laptop 3’s display isn’t as good as the XPS, but it does have a classic touchscreen, which the XPS lacks.

Graphics of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13          

The graphics on the Surface Laptop 3 and the XPS 13 are significantly greater for almost all activities. With various versions to satisfy the requirements of various users. The XPS 13 has 11th generation processors with Intel Core i5-1135G7. 

Microsoft’s Surface 3 laptop, on the alternative, is equipped with both Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. The Intel core is a 10th generation processor with a speed of 300 MHz. It is also capable of reaching 1.10 GHz. There are two Ryzen processors: the 7 3780U and the 5 3580U. They each have 1400 MHz processors, 11 GPU cores, and Vega 11 graphics.

Resolution of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

The XPS 13 has a 14.0-inch FHD display which gives a more positive outlook. The resolution also continues to support Dolby’s vision, which is a plus. This view is most readily available on TVs, but it’s a great advancement that Dell has now gotten access to laptops with this XPS 13 laptop model.

The Surface Laptop 3 has a larger 13.5-inch display with a full definition of 2,256 by 1,504. Prior Surface laptop models had limited colour support but outstanding contrast.

Portability of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

When we talk about portability, the XPS 13 outperforms the Surface Laptop 3. It weighs 2.7 pounds and measures 0.46 inches thick. The Surface Laptop 3 weighs 2.84 pounds and measures 0.57 inches thick. The XPS 13 is lighter and thinner, as evidenced by the comparisons. The surface laptop, on the other hand, is portable due to its compact size.

Ports of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 has a double USB-C Thunderbolt four ports and a microSD card slot, which outperforms the Surface Laptop 3’s standard USB and USB-A ports. The Thunderbolt 4 ports are significant because they enable users to connect an external GPU for enhanced gaming efficiency or transmit files to and from hard devices more quickly.

Battery Life of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

The battery capacity on the Dell XPS 13 is decent, but mostly for the 1080p model. When switched to that fantastic 4K display, your battery life plummets dramatically. The 1080p XPS 13 has a battery power of about 10–12 hours, and the Surface Laptop 3 will have the same. The battery capacity on the 4K Dell XPS 13 is only about 5–7 hours, which is a significant decrease when compared to the lower-resolution display. Microsoft, on the other hand, claims that the battery in its Surface laptop 3 seems to last 11.5 hours under normal usage.

The audio feature of Surface laptop 3 and Dell XPS 13

The sound on the Surface Laptop 3 is subpar. When you increase the volume to 60 or higher, you may notice some distortion. It does, however, have the finest audio aura for music and videos. The laptop’s non-visible speaker technique made the audio very adaptable. The audio appears to come from the keyboard, which is quite spectacular. This is a development that the XPS 13 laptop lacks.

The XPS model also has an advantage in terms of audio. The Alcantra feature which is missing in the Surface 3 provides the user with highly filtered audio that does not disrupt at such maximum volume. Due to the obvious Alcantra feature, the sound system is improved.

Pros and Cons of Dell XPS 13

  • A stylus is included.
  • Input devices that work well.
  • Two SODIMM slots allow for memory expansions.
  • Only covers about half of the colours in the sRGB colour space.

Pros and Cons of Surface Laptop 3

  • Excellent trackpad and keypad.
  • Sleek design and solid construction.
  • Excellent performance on daily basis.
  • There isn’t much of a port selection, and Thunderbolt 3 isn’t supported.

Summing Up

Both these laptops are fantastic, and they perform admirably well. They are both required for users who can perform demanding skills. It is clear from their functionality that they are both good picks for multiple tasks and particularly stressful work.

 Hence, the XPS 13 is thinner and lighter in weight, and it provides an energy-saving Full HD choice. It is one of the beloved 14-inch laptops. The surface laptop outperforms the XPS 13 in terms of simplicity and speed, and the sleek design is a bonus. However, we noticed the Surface Laptop 3 to be idealistic but surely unsatisfying in terms of power and graphics.

 With that being said, the Dell XPS 13 will be a stronger option because it gives a significant overall performance than the Surface Laptop 3.

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