Top Ranking Crossfit Gloves and Why You Need Them!

Crossfit gloves encompass your every need for the ideal workout.

Crossfit Gloves; Who Needs Them?

You’re probably here to buy Crossfit gloves for the Crossfit exercise regimen you just started or you’re a pro at the Crossfit workout. As is explanatory from the name, Crossfit gloves are made for people specifically involved in Crossfit workouts. Not everyone needs Crossfit gloves but they do have several benefits and are hence recommended by most gym instructors and workout enthusiasts. 

Crossfit workouts are a series of different types of workouts that challenges your every muscle and ability. This particular workout routine is a way to better your speed, endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, accuracy, coordination, agility, and balance. Phew! That’s a lot of exercises, but that’s the beauty of it. In this routine, you can pick what abilities you want to improve and master and if you’re a fitness enthusiast then with time you can gradually but surely go through all of the exercise regiments. 

The infinite possibilities of exercises have you on your toes but also grant you the fit body you wish for and rightly deserve. Crossfit gloves are needed here to better protect you and cater to the needs of different exercises involved in your routine. These gloves can be your best friend when starting a new exercise routine and the most amazing thing is that however you wore out particular gloves, over time they tend to make things easier. 

Crossfit gloves are recommended by almost every instructor because it helps familiarize you with an exercise as a beginner and prevents injuries and callouses to help you stay motivated and determined. 

Crossfit Gloves; What Are They?

Crossfit gloves are lightweight, fingerless gloves that protect your palm and wrist. These gloves are quite form-fitting that have been designed to give you a better grip to avoid slipping. The thick wrist strap is optional but highly recommended to support your wrist joint during exercises and it also allows you to be more flexible. The following things can vary from glove to glove in the Crossfit glove industry:

  • Type of material
  • Level or size of palm coverage
  • Thickness of glove
  • Grip strength 

What Crossfit Gloves Are Best Suited to You?

There are various types of Crossfit gloves, each made to better cater to every individual’s needs. Crossfit gloves are used in Crossfit exercises which is fundamentally based on three huge types of workout routines:

  1. Gymnastics 
  2. Weight-lifting
  3. Cardio exercises 

For each type of exercise routine, you need different customized gloves that fulfill all your needs. To better understand which type of gloves are suited to you, you first should know what should you look about in a glove’s description. Luckily for you, they are listed below:

  1. Material

The materials usually used in Crossfit gloves include leather, neoprene, synthetic materials, rubber fabrics, and other different kinds of fabrics. The goal here is to focus on what type of material is the most comfortable to you and durable to the exercise routine you’ve chosen. These materials should also be a little resistant to change so they do not wear out too quickly. 

  1. Palm Protection

Since these gloves are fingerless, it is important to check out their palm protection ability which is its primary use. You should check if the palm protectors are padded or not. This decision depends on your exercise. If you’re doing heavy lifting and gymnastics, padded is recommended so that your palms do not get hurt or bruised. You should also check how many layers are present in the palm area of a Crossfit glove. The material used in this part also varies from glove to glove but it is recommended to have a fabric whose grip strength is quite strong and reliable. 

  1. Support For Your Wrist

Wrist protectors are also present in the form of wrist straps which are included with some Crossfit gloves. Your wrist joints are very important especially when doing exercises. It is only logical to protect those fragile joints too. Wrist protection can prevent a lot of disasters and hence are recommended by many. 

  1. The Thickness of a Glove

People often think that the thickest Crossfit gloves are the best but that is entirely wrong. A pair of Crossfit gloves should be just the right amount of thickness to prevent slippage of the hands when weight lifting. It is vital to choose a rather thin and light glove to provide you with ultimate grip strength and ability. 

  1. Aeration

If your Crossfit gloves are not aerated or porous then your sweat will accumulate within the gloves and cause blisters. It would also be very uncomfortable so try to choose Crossfit gloves that have tiny holes to let the air pass through.

  1. Flexibility

The general hand flexibility limit is astounding and it is also one of the reasons that allow you to do various exercises without putting pressure on your wrist joints. Exercising your hand flexibility is also very important to stay fit but unfortunately, sometimes people buy Crossfit gloves that are just too rigid and so extremely tight fit that people are unable to fold or unfold their hands. It is essential to find a flexible fabric material to use in the glove and to also put a cut at one side of the glove so that it is easier to fold or unfold your hand. 

  1. Seam Presence

Seams are not your friend when it comes to Crossfit gloves. It is recommended to buy Crossfit gloves that are sewed in one entire part rather than small pieces because the seams can be irritable and can cause a serious case of blisters.       

  1. Design

When looking at Crossfit gloves, it is necessary to look at their design so that you know about the improved techniques used. The archaic technique or design was having all five-finger holes but the newly improved designs involve two or three holes for your fingers on the sides. This Crossfit gloves design helps you to better grip bars or lift weights. 

Benefits of Crossfit Gloves

Crossfit can help you with many small problems you face while exercising and are listed below:

  • Grip Improvement Has Never Been This Easily Achieved

The main objective of the Crossfit gloves is to provide you with enough traction to carry out any exercises that involve gripping like holding onto dumbbells or bars, chin-ups, lifting heavy weights, etc. Grip strength is of utmost importance in Crossfit exercises. Crossfit gloves provide you with good enough traction, even when you have sweaty hands.

  • Forget About Blisters and Callouses!

 Your hands, specifically the palm of your hands are very soft and fragile which as a beginner Crossfit enthusiast you might have felt when gripping bars or dumbbells for more than two minutes. The time is gone when blisters and callouses formed as a result of the intense exercise was seen as a trophy of manliness or the epitome of fitness. Nowadays people want to avoid getting blisters and callouses for which Crossfit gloves are best. These gloves protect your hands from pressure while also keeping them soft and void of any pain. 

  • We Stan Wrist Supporters

An important part of Crossfit exercise is its weight lifting and gymnastics workout routines which involve the use of wrist flexibility to quite an extent. In our daily life, there aren’t many ways in which our wrist or forearm strength is needed and hence we have somewhat weak wrists because of it. Crossfit gloves allow us to protect our wrist joints which are extremely delicate especially when someone is a beginner in Crossfit exercises. The gloves also serve as a support to the wrist and keep it in a safe and healthy position. The support from the Crossfit gloves also helps you to execute various moves with an excellent form including your wrist movements. 

  • Here Comes Improved Confidence And Performances

When all of the above advantages are taken care of, you get an opportunity to carry out your goals with full confidence and surety because your safety needs are fulfilled with the help of Crossfit gloves. When you are sure of your safety, you can easily, over time, keep on challenging yourself to new extremes in Crossfit exercises which ultimately makes you the best version of your fit self. You can enhance and improve your abilities while also getting the best workout possible. 


 Choosing the right Crossfit gloves for you is important and due to the trend of online shopping, it sometimes gets hard to choose the best fit for you but don’t worry because listed below are some of the top Crossfit gloves that are best for your workout. 

1. WOD Nation Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grip

The WOD Nation Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grip Crossfit gloves can be bought at the low price of $11.97 which is quite reasonable. Its features are:

  • The WOD Nation Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grips will not let you have blisters or callouses no matter what exercise you are doing i.e., pull-ups, chest to bar, muscle training, toes to bar, knees to the bar, kettlebell swings, powerlifting, deadlifts, or snatches, etc. These gloves help you in gymnastics and much more. 
  • The material is extremely soft and durable. The form-fitting fabric is of the highest quality that is cut into single pieces and stitched three times to a nylon bullet-proof wrist strap. The wrist strap is not optional here but it holds everything in place while also not irritating your wrist at all. 
  • As the name implies, these Crossfit gloves are suitable for every type of bell exercise i.e., barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, parallel bars, gymnastic rings, etc. 
  • The best part: They do not look ugly at all and give quite a cool look while exercising. 

2. Grip Power Pads Crossfit Gloves

At a whopping price of $24.95, you can buy the Grip Power Pads Crossfit gloves and we know it is rather expensive but really, it’s worth the money when it has so many cool features:

  • As you can see in the picture, the Grip Power Pads Crossfit gloves have rubber pads and dots on their palm area which help in providing traction to get an excellent grip. With these padded Crossfit gloves you can safely life weights firmly and you can focus more on your form rather than gripping the bars or weights. 
  • These gloves allow you to get an amazingly strong grip in a period of mere seconds. The strong and natural grip allows you to lift maximum weights instantly.
  • The innovative, curved finger design which naturally fits your hand protects all of your palm areas and helps you avoid blisters and callouses. 
  • The Crossfit gloves are quite easy to put on and take off while also available in various sizes to better cater to your particular hand shape. 
  • The rubber strap present behind the fingers can be used as a weight lifting strap for small dumbbells. This especially comes in handy when you’re tired but still want to achieve more. All in all, it is your perfect Crossfit exercise companion.

3. Bear KompleX 3 Hole Leather Hand Grips

At the price of $39.98, the Bear KmopleX 3 Hole Leather Hand Grips are by far the most expensive Crossfit gloves ever but for good reason. These Crossfit gloves are the best in the market catering to your every need and are best for at-home use. Some of its special features include:

  • These gloves are perfect for a workout at home. These gloves have two options of either 2-Hole or 3-Hole finger design while your palm is fully covered and attached with a strong, attractive, and adjustable wrist strap. There is also an option for various colors in this particular design.
  • The Bear KompleX works extremely well during gymnastics because of the support and stability it provides, courtesy of the quadruple stitching done on the seams of the gloves. It also allows you to have a stronger and more stable hold on the bar and weights. 
  • The high-quality leather works wonder in protecting your hand and getting you the proper grip strength. The Bear KompleX gloves are also available in various sizes.   


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